How do I feel about quitting my job to chase my dreams of traveling solo?

How do I feel about quitting my job and chasing my dreams to travel solo?


Lets be real here…

At times, I’m dancing around the house with joy.

At other times, I’m sh*tting my pants.

There are moments of pure bliss and ecstatic highs where I know I can achieve anything in life and the world is a playground where I will be creating my own destiny with stamps in my passport and vehement joy in my heart.

This sometimes flips to earth shattering fear. The part of my brain that has evolved on an instinctual level to keep me safe and alive knows that I’m about to embark on something that is incredibly out of my comfort zone. So naturally, my brain is like “Excuse me, but WTF are you doing?”

My comfort zone is based on celebrating my strengths and avoiding my weaknesses.

For example, my strengths are that if I’m comfortable and know just one person in a group environment – I can make friends with anyone. If I have my safety blanket friend, that one person who will laugh at my jokes regardless of how terrible they may be, then I’m fearless when it comes to meeting strangers. I relish in mingling with all types of people in all types of social settings.

My weakness however,  is if you remove that one known person, aka the “safety blanket” from my social encounters, and I turn into a worried, self conscious, quiet human. This fear of doing things on my own is a big one. I have never taken myself on an outing by myself. I’m 100% frightened to go to the movies, out to dinner, to an art gallery or even a yoga class by myself. Being seen as someone ‘by themselves’ for some illogical reason, frightens me to the point where I simply won’t do it.

So now I’ve laid it all out on the table, you can see why traveling for four months in Europe is making me question my sanity on a regular basis.

Luckily, I’ve got a three coping mechanisms that I’ve been working on to gain my courage:

  1. Push Fear Aside: I’m avoiding emotions of fear when they try to creep up. I talk to my fear like I’m a receptionist of a high profile CEO “Unfortunately Kia isn’t available for you right now, She is very busy, maybe try again later”.
  1. Stay Inspired: I’m focusing on the inspirational side of my decision. How f*cking cool that is it that I’m about to do something I’ve always wanted to do? Not to mention, there are multiple sources of travel inspiration to keep me on track, such as reading travel books or blogs, listening to podcasts, scrolling wildly on pinterest or Instagram for those #wanderlust #travel posts.
  1. Keep things in Perspective: Looking at my decision from an outside perspective. I’ve had friends who have traveled Europe before and some have moved to different countries on their own. It’s not really THAT big of a deal. I just need to calm down and see it for what it is; an adventure of a lifetime.

“Courage is more important than confidence” – Debbie Millman

One thing I know to be true is, progress and self development can never come from your comfort zone. The fears we don’t face become our limits, and I don’t want to live a life of limitations.

If anyone reading has jumped or flown out of their comfort zone I’d love to hear more about it!

11 thoughts on “How do I feel about quitting my job to chase my dreams of traveling solo?

  1. I left my family and job back in San Diego, Ca to take on the city of Chicago, IL. I did keep the husband and dog though 😉 A 1.5 years later and I have a professional job, began blogging, a new best friend, and memories I couldn’t have predicted. Its been some ride!

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  2. Good luck Kia! Im about to move from Fitzroy to London and came across your blog while trying to Stay Inspired (and distract myself from the emotional and exhausting process of selling everything I own to head off to a long winter!). I look forward to reading about your adventure!


    1. Hello! That’s amazing, I’m also selling the last of my things this week in Fitzroy (Melbourne) before starting the adventure- that’s awesome you’re about to start a new exciting chapter in London!! Let’s keep each other inspired 🙌🏼


      1. What a small world! When I first saw your blog I didn’t realise you were in Australia, let alone the same suburb as me. And let’s keep inspired! I won’t be able to do any Eurotrips until October so I hope following your blog will give me some good ideas


      2. Such a small world – I’m leaving next week but I’ll be in Europe until November so you never know where you might end up! The sad part is we live in such an incredible part of Melbourne but bigger and more exciting adventures await

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