Life Hacks: One simple trick to improve your life.


Here is a simple tool to improve the quality of your life. It is easy to apply and will improve your life in every aspect. Are you ready for it?


It’s called…[cue the drumroll]…




Hey, don’t roll your eyes! Yes, you may think this is very clichéd but I have a valid point to make, so just stick with me for a moment.


Every day, do you live your life with a routine that feels as familiar as the back of your own hand?


Do you find periods of your day that become hazy from the lack of concentration because you’ve done it a million times before?


Do spaces of time disappear without you even realizing? – for example, when you’re driving or commuting to work or even randomly throughout the day. Sometimes these spaces of time stretch to weeks or even years.


I bet you catch yourself saying things like “how time fly’s” or “where has the year gone? [I can see you’re nodding!]


You see, you could very well be flowing through the methodical repetitions of life, every day. Moving from one activity to the next, like a well-rehearsed dance routine that is so inherently ingrained in your psyche, you’re doing it without even realizing.


Does this sound familiar?


This, my friends, is the opposite of mindfulness (mindful awareness). When you cultivate awareness for yourself moment to moment, each experience should require some level of presence.


That is all you have to do. Stop and bring your attention to this very moment and every sensation that is attached to the experience you’re having.


It’s a skill that you can practice right now!


Just try this and you’ll be amazed at how much more beautiful life becomes. The taste of food becomes incredibly richer, the colour of the sky becomes increasingly more vivid, the touch of a lover feels even more electrifying.


By practicing awareness, not only will your days be longer and your life be fuller and more meaningful. You will be consciously creating your life, like a painter creates a piece of art.


You will not make decisions based on autopilot, because each moment will be new and each decision will be valued for what it is, in that moment.

Rather than just going through the motions, You will be consciously navigating your own life. #mindblown


That’s it – a simple technique that anyone can do.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on mindfulness and how you get the most out of your days?




6 thoughts on “Life Hacks: One simple trick to improve your life.

  1. I do have those days where I would say yes for every question you asked. I’m getting more mindful. It makes me more productive. I feel like I have more time. I enjoy the good times and work better through the tough ones. as a result, I am overall a happier person


    1. That’s so great to hear! Yes, I find it also allows space for gratitude because we can focus on how amazing the present moment is (rather than thinking about scrolling on our news feed or what task we need to do next). Nice to hear mindfulness works for you too 🙂

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