Why start a blog?



I had known for some time that writing a blog was an inevitable part of my future and was something I was always going to ‘get around to doing’. The vision of me looking all artsy, typing away in some hip cafe working on my little blog while sipping my strong latte. Ah, perfect!

The vision was so clear. I was almost ready to start on this project. Almost. But then I thought, it might be better to start next year. I’d have more time or feel more confident in my writing by then. Or possibly the year after that, when I’d eventually get around to buying that one way ticket to Europe and live like a vagabond for a summer. That’s a more appropriate time to start blogging.

It’s been about 3 years and until now, both that one way ticket and that blog have been carelessly fluttering about my mind, always falling in the ‘maybe later’ compartment.

The thing with the ‘maybe later’ compartment is that there are always one million reasons why those thoughts can’t be actioned now. Why not now? Well, the thing is: I’m too tired, too lazy, having too much fun, not having enough fun, too scared, too poor, too comfortable, not comfortable enough, I might fail, I might ruin my life or I might miss an episode of Offspring on Netflix. All valid reasons not to start now.

The thing is – that’s not the best way to live life. I’m done with the ‘maybe later’ brain compartment now. I read a quote recently that said “There are only two times in life, now and too late”. The more I mull over this quote, the more YOLO my mindset becomes (sorry for saying YOLO this early in the blog).

So because of this new found mindset, I look forward to the year ahead of http://www.meadering-minds.com and will be discussing many things including that vagabond European Summer that I’ve finally booked flights for!

Bring it on.

Kia x

19 thoughts on “Why start a blog?

  1. Hi Kia, Congrats on starting out your blog and following your dream, I’m a newbie myself! It’s nice to see like-minded people finally stepping out of their comfort and going out for what they desire most : A life full of adventures and memories for sure.


  2. Congrats from me too. Like the others I have just started blogging as well. Have been putting it off for a while but now is the time to start. Your posts are enjoyable to read and have an optimistic spirit which I can relate to so much. Keep it upπŸ‘

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    1. That’s so great to hear you have also decided to start blogging! It’s always motivational to know that others are jumping into blogging too – great work πŸ™ŒπŸΌ#weareallinthistogether!


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